The Importance of Regular Oil Changes: Why it Matters for Your Car’s Longevity

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The Importance of Regular Oil Changes: Why it Matters for Your Car's Longevity

You have been told by the car company that regular oil change is vital for the life of your car. However, you tend to ignore it. And you are not alone on the boat. There are many people who do not even remember engine oil. Only when they take the car to a car mechanic in Adelaide, it is revealed that the car requires an oil change.

Experts say that changing oil is not only important for the performance of the cars, but it also expands the lifespan of the vehicle. According to various studies, more than one-fifth of cars run on dirty oil. Do not let your car be a part of this group.

How does an oil change help to the longevity of the car?

Here are some reasons

It maintains the proper lubrication in an engine

There are many moving parts in an engine. Therefore, there is excessive wear and tear in it. Due to the high speed of the moving parts, excessive heat gets generated.

If all these moving parts do not have the proper lubrication, it will create friction. Thus, the engine will get overheated.

If there is no lubrication, then this heat cannot get absorbed. Therefore, you need a sufficient amount of oil in the engine.

And, more importantly, you need good quality engine oil with the least impurities. You need to refer to the car’s manual for the recommendation of the manufacturer. It will tell the weight and grade of the oil.

If you maintain the right amount of oil and ensure that it is clean, it will not let the engine overheat. You save big mechanic’s bills for car repair in Adelaide.

An oil change will remove any sludge or particles

According to experts, dirt is the biggest enemy of your car. The engine has many delicate parts that get corroded due to that. When you change the engine oil regularly, it keeps the dirt moving and does not let it corrode the engine parts. However, over time, oil also gets converted into sludge. This sludge slows down the engine parts. With routine filter and oil changes, there is less possibility of accumulating sludge in the engine.

So, when you take the car to the service station for any reason, whether is it for a problem with a suspension or car air conditioning service, it is important to take the car to the right service station in Adelaide.

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