How to Choose The Right Type of Plantation Shutters for Different Rooms?

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Choose The Right Type of Plantation Shutters for Different Rooms

Are you planning to install beautiful plantation shutters? If yes, then you have taken a good decision. Plantation shutters Adelaide is stylish and wonderful. They add value to your house. They have and classical designs. Therefore, they complement most of the indoor spaces.

These shutters have the dynamic ability to give comfort in all seasons.  They let the air and light enter in a controlled manner.

Looking at all these qualities, it is clear that installing plantation shutters would be an excellent long-term economic option.

But how will you decide on the best plantation shutters for different rooms? Let’s know that.

Living spaces

When you are keen to elevate the appearance of your living space, it is important to install a stylish set of plantation shutters. They will bring the most natural light in your home.

Experts recommend wooden shutters for a living space. It is because they are incredibly stylish. Not only that, but they provide adequate privacy also. Classic and timeless designs will make your living space modern.

Are there any windows in your living room facing west? They will get the hot gaze of the afternoon sun. Shutters offer total insulation.


Nothing is best than aluminum plantation shutters for a kitchen. You can search for the best aluminum plantation shutters Adelaide. You should consider placing them in some exterior-facing window. Thus, you will have better control over privacy and lighting. These shutters are ideal over sinks because they can be easily cleaned.

In a busy kitchen, there is always a possibility of food or other stuff getting onto shutters. Therefore, aluminum is ideal. It does not fade in the sunlight, and it is not vulnerable to water damage.

West-facing windows are the best for this kitchen.


Privacy is the foremost criterion while choosing shutters for a bedroom. Both aluminum and PVC are the right options.

As recommended earlier, west-facing windows are the best for bedrooms also.

If you want to make it stylish, then wooden shutters could be a choice. However, it is not generally recommended for a bedroom.


Bathrooms are moist places. Hence, aluminum is the right choice. You can choose PVC shutters also. These materials do not get affected by moisture and water. Also, they are easy to clean.

You can check several options before finalizing a particular brand. All are good. You need to check their specifications. Choose one that meets all your necessary criteria.

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