10 Clever Ways to Fit a Wardrobe in to a Small Bedroom

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10 Best Ideas to Fit a Wardrobe Into a Small Bedroom

#1. You can get more room by changing the placement

Sometimes, the shape of the room is awkward. Then you have to think differently.

For example, in a long narrow space; you can build a long rain for hanging clothes. Or you can make some shelves for books and so on.

#2. Make use of the space below stairs

Nowadays, the area below the staircase is looked like an opportunity and not a liability. You can talk to the interior designer and get a multipurpose wardrobe made below the stairs.

#3. Shift the wall

Is it possible to shift the wall? Yes, it is very much possible if it is not bearing any structural load. Call an expert who can check it and give you the best advice.

#4. Use the vertical space

In a small bedroom, the best way is to use the area up to the ceiling. You must have sliding doors to avoid the wastage of space. There should be adequate lighting so that you can search the things easily.

#5. Use the corridor or balcony

Is there any corridor adjacent to the bedroom? OR is there any attached balcony? If yes, then use the space for creating wardrobe in such a way that you don’t awkwardly block the space. Sliding doors are preferred instead of conventional doors.

#6. A wardrobe that works like a desk

When you want a small wardrobe, then install a robe around a desk. Use the space above the desk for small cupboards.

#7. The eave can save space

When the room is built into the loft, it looks small. However, there is a lot of space on the floor. The ideal thing is to build drawers or shelves into the lower area of the roof.

#8. Use outer space

It is possible when you live in an independent house. The windowed bedroom gives an incredible opportunity of saving space. Build a wardrobe at the side. You can build it across the top and down the other side.

#9. The space behind the bed

It is also a popular idea. Build out the wall behind the bed. Arrange fitting cupboard and wardrobe into it.

#10. Cut the long room into two

It is quite challenging to make a wardrobe in a long and narrow bedroom. What is the solution? You can divide it into two by creating a wardrobe. You can have cupboards and mirrored sliding doors on one side, and closet on the other side.

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