Are brass taps hard to clean?

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Are brass taps hard to clean?

When you want to install good-quality taps in the home, you need to pick the best. Along with many other stylish types of taps, brass tapware in Melbourne nowadays.

It is also a fact that brass taps look elegant, but you should not forget that maintenance of these taps would be a little difficult job.

Are brass taps really hard to clean? Well, it is not actually. Especially, if you perform cleaning regularly.

In this blog, let’s understand the cleaning methodology of brass kitchen taps in Melbourne.

How to Clean Brass Taps

Brass taps are a great addition to your bathroom or kitchen, but cleaning brushed brass taps can be troublesome if you do not take good care of them.

Before that, you should not forget that there are two types of brass taps is available. One is shining brass metal, and another is brushed brass metal that undergoes a special treatment to give it a dull finish.

Compared to polished brass taps, brushed brass taps are ideal for traditional looks.

However, both types of metals require the same simple care to keep them clean and to maintain the finish for many years to come.

Cleaning Brass Taps

To keep your brass and brushed brass taps in good condition, it is recommended to use a weak solution of soapy water and a microfiber cloth.

You need to rub the solution into your brass taps. Rub it until the bathroom tapware looks clean.

Do not forget to rub the tap from top to bottom. Clean the area under the handle and the area that it is surrounding the base of the tap.

Rinse down the tap with a sufficient amount of water and then rub it dry using a cloth.

How to Keep Brushed Brass Taps Clean

When we use brass taps, soap residue, and limescale build up over time. You need to keep on rinsing the tap each time you use the area with boiling water. It will maintain its finish.

You can use metal polishes on the brass tap to get the most out of that polished look. However, you need a double check that the polish you choose is safe to use on brass.

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