What Types of Metals Can Be Used in Metal Fabrication?

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When you think about metal fabrication in adelaide, it is important that the process requires metals that have certain properties. Experts say that conductivity, strength, resistance to corrosion, and hardness are some important properties that make a metal ideal for that.

It makes various processes like cutting, bending, and welding easy. You can make a wide range of products ranging from items of daily use to large structures like heavy machinery or furnaces.

So, what are different metals that can be used in the fabrication process? Let’s see some of them.

Iron and steel

Yes, Iron and Steel are two metals. Steel is, of course, an alloy of iron and carbon, which includes a mix of iron ore, limestone, coal, and other elements. Iron is essential for the production of steel.

Steel is the common metal used in fabrication, and it has a long array of items made by that.

If you check with any service company that handles metal fabrication in adelaide, then you will find that the most commonly used metal is iron.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel is found in a variety of hardness levels based on the amount of carbon used in the metal. Carbon gives strength to the metal, but it reduces the melting point, malleability, and ductility of it.

Stainless steel

Stainless Steel is composed of carbon steel, aluminum, chromium, and other elements that combine to form a highly corrosion-resistant metal. Stainless steel is known for its unique shining silver mirror coating. It is lustrous, and brittle, and does not tarnish in the air.

Due to its anti-corrosive properties, stainless steel is used in myriad applications. For example, cookware, industrial and domestic appliances, surgical instruments, cookware, metal ceramics, cabinet fittings, and so on.


Copper is a good conductor of electricity. It is tough, ductile, and malleable. Copper is also resistant to corrosion in several atmospheres, which makes it useful in various industrial environments.


Bronze is a copper alloy that has been in use for ages. Bronze has many better qualities than some of the popularly used metals.

Bronze has a low melting point, and it is stronger than copper. It is heavier than steel.


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It is widely used for a wide spectrum of items.


Since aluminum is lightweight, versatile, and long-lasting metal, it is also one of the favorite metals for the fabrication process. It is used for making several useful items.

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