Air Conditioning Filter: Essential Part of Heating and Air Conditioning

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The performance of your heating or cooling system largely depends on how good you maintain it. Still, many homeowners take it for granted and ignore it. What is the essential task to be performed while maintaining air conditioning in Adelaide? It is cleaning of filters. When it becomes dirty or clogged, it blocks the airflow and hampers the heating or cooling performance.

When airflow gets blocked, the air passing through the filter carries dirt to the evaporator coil and impacts its heat-absorbing capacity badly. If you feel that the heating or cooling is not happening well, then it is better to call a technician who can assess the situation well.

What does a filter do in an HVAC system?

Air filters filter the air. Not only dust and pollens, but they keep the larger particles also out of the HVAC system and save it from damage. If the filters remain dirty, then it may cause several performance issues.

What if you don’t change them?

When the filters are not changed for quite a long time, they collect mold, dust, and other things that reduce the indoor air quality. Not just that, it causes higher energy consumption and higher utility cost. It means your home doesn’t get the required flow of air, and you do not feel comfortable and cozy inside. Sometimes, it causes overheating or freezing up.

How to keep the system working well?

You need to clean the filters regularly and replace when it wears out. Since the energy efficiency loss could be as high as 15 percent, you should never ignore the filters. Most of the filters are located just behind the air outlet. If you are not sure where the filters are located in your air-conditioner system, then call the air conditioning service provider and get it checked.

Filters are reusable. You can clean them and use them again until they wear out. A variety of types and efficiencies of filters are there in the market. If the air-conditioner is in constant use, there are pets in the home, or the air-conditioner is kept in a dusty environment, then the filter cleaning is a must after every two months.

Good air filters keep the air clean and maintain high levels of indoor air quality. They can exchange stale indoor air for an equal amount of fresh air from the surroundings. It reduces the chances of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Hence, filter cleaning is extremely important.

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