Affordable Air Conditioning Towers That Can Cool An Entire Building

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Standard air-conditioning in Adelaide is very much popular. However, there are issues such as high energy consumption and generation of heat. Especially in large installations such as office buildings, handling and conditioning of air are managed differently.

Some air-conditioning systems use water as part of the cooling process. Two popular methods are chilled water systems and cooling tower systems.  Systems that use chilled water, the air-conditioner is installed on the roof of the building. Sometimes, it is installed behind the building.

The water is cooled between 4 to 7 degrees Celsius. The chilled water flows throughout the building via pipes. It is connected to air handlers. The chilled water system is a versatile system where water pipes act as evaporators coil in a standard air-conditioning system.

If it is adequately insulated, then the length of the chilled water pipe doesn’t make any difference. It is more important to maintain the efficiency of the system.

Air-conditioning towers

It is also known as a cooling tower. In the regular air-conditioning system, the air is used to dissipate heat from the coils of the compressor. In the huge air-conditioning unit, a cooling tower is used. It makes a system where a water stream of cold water runs down through a heat exchanger. It cools hot condenser coils. When the tower blows air through the water stream, it evaporates and cools down the stream further. Since water gets evaporated, this system needs continuous replenishment of water.

Air-conditioning towers are used popularly and admired by the users because of their high efficiency and effective cooling. However, they are more useful and applicable in areas where the availability of water is not an issue. If water scarcity is there, then it is not possible to use it for large establishments.

In such conditions, alternate systems need to be explored.

Other systems

Off-peak or ice-cooling technology uses energy. Hence, it is useful in areas where community demand for power is not much. There is another option, which is called geothermal cooling. The basic idea in this system is to use the consistent temperature under the earth to generate heating or cooling. Whether it is a closed-loop system or other, the geothermal heating and cooling system works efficiently.

Which cooling system is appropriate in your establishment, home or office depends on the availability of energy and price. Regardless of the type of energy source, it is essential to maintain the high efficiency of the cooling system to achieve effective cooling without spending exorbitantly.

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