What is ducted air conditioning and how does it work

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What is ducted air conditioning and how does it work

Ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide

Amongst various types of Air Conditioning Adelaide, ducted air conditioning is considered the best. It is because you get unobstructed heating and cooling performance throughout the year. It is ideal for homes and buildings of any size.

It works smoothly and silently. Yes, you don’t even notice the system working.

You must be wondering about their working method. How can this system be so effective? To know that, we need to understand its operations

How does ducted air conditioning work?

In a ducted air-conditioning system, the working parts of the unit are located outside of the home. Sometimes, they are installed in the ceiling space.

Air circulation happens through ducts placed in the ceilings. These ducts have outlets or vents placed strategically throughout the building.

The unique feature of ducted Air Conditioning Adelaide is the zone control system.

Your house is divided into separate zones. Each zone has a mechanism to open and close vents in a specific part of the building.

Thus, you get perfect cooling with energy efficiency.

In this system, a refrigerant liquid flows through the system via pipes. It draws the heat into the air. This air is passed to the indoor unit. Here you have the cooling chamber where the temperature of the airdrops. Once it comes to the desired level, the cool air is blown into the room.

During winters, it absorbs the cool air and increases its temperature to the desired level. The hot air is sent to the blowers.

When the refrigerant passes through the indoor unit, it becomes warm because it absorbs the heat. Now, this refrigerant moves to the outdoor unit for cooling.

The compressor cools the refrigerant,and the remaining heat gets released. Now the refrigerant is again ready for cooling the air. This cycle continues till the Air Conditioning Adelaide is on.

Maintaining the air quality

You may have the option of including fresh air intake so that you get fresh, oxygenated air. If this feature is not there, then it will recirculate the air after filtering.

A ducted air conditioner is ideal for every home. It gives better air cooling and high energy efficiency. The system ensures uniform cooling. Also, you have the control of heating or cooling the specific parts in the house.

It is better to talk to the air-conditioning service provider to determine the best system. Thus, you will get the ideal system.

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