Which Termite Treatment is the Most Effective?

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Which Termite Treatment is the Most Effective?

Termite Treatment

Termites pose a great threat to your home, furniture, and property. They are not direct harm to humans, though.

However, some experts suspect that greater level of infestation may cause respiratory problems and asthma.

Hence, it is essential to keep a close watch on their presence and call a suitable termite control Adelaide specialist.

Should you go for DIY methods? Well, they may look powerful if the problem is not severe. Ultimately you will have to call a professional termite control company.

As far as professional treatments are concerned, you have a long list to choose from.


When you use termiticide, you stop the entry of termites from outside.  If there is already infestation and you want to control it using termiticide, then drilling is necessary. In such a case, you will need the help of a professional. He can perform a complete termite treatment Adelaide.

The termiticides are of two types-repellent and non-repellent. Repellents have a strong smell and you can feel their presence.

Non-repellents are undetectable. They do not see, taste, or smell the termiticide. Therefore, cannot avoid it.


Bait is quitea  popular treatment to control termites Adelaide. However, it is a relatively slow method. It takes some time to show results.

The baits are placed in the soil directly. When termites find it, they will eat it and die after some time. Usually, baits are used in association with liquid termiticides.

Thus, you will be able to control termites that are untreatable with soil termiticides.

Professional pest control

The two methods mentioned earlier are mainly DIY methods. When they are ineffective, or when you feel that the infestation is beyond the control of DIY methods, you should call a professional pest control company.

It is essential that you hire a reputed pest control and home hygiene company. It will provide the best results.

Usually, a seasoned termite control company uses the technique of ‘drill-fill-seal’. It means you should first drill a hole in strategic places in the walls or other suspected areas. Now, it will be filled with government-approved termiticides.

It will kill the existing termites and create a barrier for future termite attacks.

Once you get rid of termites, then the holes are sealed again, using white cement and sealant A professional termite control Adelaide will charge money, but it is worth spending on it. You will get permanent relief from the menace of termites.

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