What Treatments do Chiropractors Use?

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What is unique in the approach of chiropractors? They focus on spinal adjustments to treat the patients.

However, their treatment is not limited to that only. They are people who use a comprehensive method to provide relief from pain and discomfort.

Chiropractic care uses drug less therapeutics or natural therapies for ages.

The emphasis is given on the use of natural agents such as heat, cold, massage, light, water, and exercise. These physiological measures offer great relief to the patients.

However, the expertise and experience of the chiropractor play a great role in it. According to chiropractic therapy, these elements and others extend a great influence on body functions.

Thus, a majority of the lower back problems and other issues can be resolved.

What are the common forms of chiropractic therapy?

The blog talks about some commonly used therapeutic measures used by experts while doing the treatment.

  • Use of heat and cold: Chiropractors use ice therapy and ice alternatively to give relief from the back pain. Ice packs are used for making the area numb for 10 to 15 minutes. It is followed by using a heating pad or heat wrap. The use of a hot water bottle is also quite common. The alternate use of heat and cold improves the blood flow in the affected area. Thus, it promotes faster healing.
  • Exercise: Chiropractors suggest exercises to cure the problem. They give specific exercise instructions and exercise program based on the case. The focus is on strengthening the back. Hence, simple yet effective stretching exercises are planned.
  • Massage: Chiropractors use massage techniques to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling. When pressure is put on the soft tissues of the body in a specific manner, the inflammation associated with the back pain reduces considerably. It promotes faster healing.
  • Diet management: Yes, several chiropractors give tips about diet improvement so that the back pain can be reduced up to a significant extent.
  • Sound wave heat therapy: when soft tissues of the body are exposed to sound waves of a particular frequency, they reduce pain and stiffness of the joints. This method accelerates the process of healing.
  • Diathermy: it is also an electro-magnetic therapy that uses shortwave frequency. Diathermy is especially useful in treating muscle spasms. The patient will feel a pleasant warmth in the affected area.

Chiropractic treatment is based on scientific and individualistic treatment concept. Hence, chiropractors take more time to give the treatment plan.

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