What Should I Look for in a Security Door?

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What Should I Look for in a Security Door?

Security Door

Nowadays, the market is flooded with products due to fierce competition. When you search for a good-quality security door, you get an array of products. Each one is different with different qualities and specialties.

How will you narrow it down to one of the best Screen Doors in Adelaide? Well, you will have to understand their difference.

Experts say that you should derive your own filter. It is nothing but a set of necessary elements that you wish to see in the product.

For example, in a security door you would like to check these things:

  • Does the door meet the basic Australian standards?
  • It is corrosion-resistant?
  • Does it contain heavy security locks?
  • How is the quality of manufacturing?
  • Does it fulfill all your requirements?

Australian standard 5039 is considered a benchmark. It includes six different tests to assure the structural integrity and strength of the door and window screen.

Security Screen Doors Adelaide developed to provide consumers with species that cover the requirements and performance are considered the best.

A few tests are carried out to decide the strength and sturdiness of the door.

The Knife Sheer Test ensures that the door cannot be cut through the mesh.

The impact test ensures that the door is unbreakable.

The anti-jemmy test and pull test ensure that the frame cannot be pried open or pulled out from any side of the screen.

If a door passes all these tests, then it can be considered ideal for your house, shop, or office.

Check the locking system

Security Door Locking System is an equally important part of Security Doors in Adelaide. Even if you buy top-quality door, it does not solve the purpose, if the lock is not up to the mark.

What should you check? Check that the door has a triple lock to comply with the Australian security standards to classify it as a security door.

A door with a single lock is just a barrier door or safety door.

Coastal protection

Corrosion is a big problem if you live in a coastal area. There, you have to be extra cautious while buying Security Screen Doors Adelaide.

Two grades of stainless steel are popularly used in Australia. Grade 304 and 316. They are easy to fabricate and durable. But, for coastal areas, one should prefer Grade 316.

It offers greater protection from brine and salt spray.

Check these aspects and get the best security door for your house.

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