What is the Most Effective Way to Control Pest?

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When you determine what is the best way to control pests, you need the services of pest control Adelaide company. However, pests react differently to different pest control methods. Some methods that one type of pests is vulnerable to may not be that fatal for others.

Also, pests are quick learners. They adapt to pest control methods fast and make them less effective. Hence, it is essential to make changes in the methods regularly.

The right way is to develop a pest control method after consulting a pest control company. Before deciding on the appropriate control method, it will carry out pest inspections Adelaide.

Types of common pest control activities

Let’s have a deeper look into several effective ways of pest control treatment. Every company has a different approach to control pests. Here are themost effective ways of pest control.

Biological pest control

These methods involve the use of pest predators. These methods are mainly used in farmlands. When you use natural predators to control pests, it is called biological pest control. Since it doesn’t involve any chemical or pesticide, there is no harm to the environment.

Biological pest control can be very useful in termite treatment Adelaide.

Cultural pest control

Cultural pest control is the method of making the environment unhospitable and uninhabitable to pests. You do it by planting certain plants that repel pests.

However, cultural pest control is more useful in pest prevention than control. When there is already a pest problem, it is not that effective.

Also, it needs detailed planning and observation.


Using traps is a common practice. It is very effective in controlling rodents. This method is simple because traps are reusable and low toxic. When you call pest control Adelaide company for trapping, it doesn’t pose any threat and it is not annoying. The method is usually safe.

When you use traps, they get pests in a central place and do not allow them to escape. Once trapped, the pests are exterminated or relocated.

Adhesive tapes are non-toxic. They are sticky tapes placed in a high-activity area. When pests move on them, they get stuck to them. When you want to control mice, lizards, centipedes, etc., you can use these tapes effectively.

Pesticides And Chemical Control

The last method is the use of chemicals and pesticides. They can be systematic pesticides that enter the biological system of the pests and kill them eventually. Other pesticides kill the pests when they come into contact with pesticides.

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