What is the most damaging pest?

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What is the most damaging pest?

What is a pest?

Well, according to the definition, a pest is a living organism (plant or animal) that is detrimental to humans. Yes, these organisms can be devastating. Therefore, with the first signs of their presence, you should get alert and dial the number of the best townsville pest control agency.

If not controlled, then not only these pests will become a problem to the health of you and your family but they can be a threat to the stability of your home also.

If you are living in Townsville, then there are several top pest control services of choice. They can take care of any type of pest you may have. If you have any questions about our services, we guarantee quality in everything that we offer.

Remember, pests are generally associated with different kinds of animals, but they can also be other living organisms like plants, fungi, etc.

They can be bothersome to humans, animals, and even human structures. Which pests are the most dangerous?


These tiny creatures are one of the few bugs that have a lot of power of destruction than you imagine. They work round-the-clock. Yes, termites never sleep. Therefore, it makes them one of the worst pests you can have in your home.

Termites have the ability to damage the integrity of your house, especially, if it is made of wood. Termites feed from the cellulose located in wood. Not only wood, but they can destroy paper, drywall, and even books.

It is a big safety issue because solid wood becomes brittle and weak. Call the best company that offers building and pest treatment in Townsville.

Termites are notorious for causing extensive damage to the property. They can eat straight through wood and cause serious property damage. Studies show that termites the property damage worth billions of dollars annually.

Since their speed of damage is extensive, call the best termites control company in Townsville and secure your home.

Next to termites, the next most dangerous pests are rodents. They come in various sizes and destruction capabilities. When you call a pest control company to eradicate termites, ask them to see the presence of rodents as well. Rodents have the tendency to chew all kinds of material in your home. Also, they can spread many ailments. So, you need to check them as early as possible. Since both rodents and termites live underground, it is possible to control them together.

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