What Are The Types Of Automatic Gates In Adelaide?

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What Are The Types Of Automatic Gates In Adelaide

When you install Automatic gates Adelaide, you get great convenience. They are easy to operate and comfortable. But the question is how will you choose the right type of automatic gate? Different types of gates will need different openers. It is important to choose a suitable motor for the appropriate gate for your home or office. Here are four different openers that are used for gate automation Adelaide.

Linear Ram Opener

If you consider automatic gates, then these types of gates are the most popular. For swing gates, they are the best. You can use a screw jack or worm driver to operate the arm. It retracts the arm attached to the motor to reduce the length and open the gate. Then extends the arm to close it. These gates are affordable, and their installation process is quite easy. You need to just attach the gate to the post. The power of the motor can be increased to accommodate gates of large size.

Underground Automatic Gates

Another type of automatic gate is an underground gate. It offers a unique aesthetic because the motor is hidden here. The gate automation Adelaide mechanism is installed beneath the ground. A special protective case is used to cover the mechanism. In these gates, the driving arm is connected to the bottom of the gate. Since openers are concealed in these gates, the cost is more. Also, their installation process is also more complex.

Articulated Arm Automated Gates

They are ideal for smaller gates. Also, they are right for gates with large pillars that cannot be fitted using the straight arm style. Instead of using the linear arm, there is a hinged arm in this case. They can reach around the wide object. Therefore, these gates are popular for gates with big pillars. The opener is versatile here. It can automate the majority of the types of swing gates.

Sliding Gates

In these Automatic gates Adelaide, there is a cog and teeth mechanism. It opens the gate in a specific direction. You need to combine it with roller guides, cantilever devices, or guide tracks to provide an opening in the desired direction.

Which gate will you choose? Well, it depends on your needs and specification. Not just that, you should look into the power of the motor, and the distance of the gate. Once you decide on the right type of automatic gate, get it installed by a specialist in the town.

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