What Are the Different Types of Cleaning Services?

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Different Types of Cleaning Services

The cleaning business has been showing an enthusiastic growth path forthe last few decades. If you look at the figures, then some companies have shown multiple times increase.

Why has this happened? It is because of the increasing awareness and concern about personal and organizational hygiene.

Launching a cleaning service requires specialized technical skills and professional excellence. Based on their area of specialization,cleaning services are classified into different categories.

#1 Residential cleaning

Residential cleaning has a wider scope and popularity. It includes services like dusting, mopping floors, vacuuming, cleaning and polishing of furniture and fixture cleaning, and so on.

Based on your need, you can set the cleaning frequency daily, weekly, monthly. 

Once a residential cleaning company starts getting orders, it builds a reputation. If some marketing tactics are added, it becomes furthermore easy to get clients.

#2 Commercial cleaning

The scope of work and working methodology of commercial cleaning is similar to residential cleaning. Here, more professionalism and technical competency are needed.

Cleaning offices, apartments, buildings, and commercial complexes come under this category.

A commercial cleaner has to know the methods of cleaning workplaces, cubicles, office furniture, computers and printers, laptops, coffee vending machines, and so on.

#3 Window cleaning

It is another specialization area. Sometimes, commercial cleaning companies take a combined contract for window cleaning also. Sometimes, the work has to be assigned to specialist window cleaners.

The service provider has to possess skills of cleaning windows from outside in tall buildings.

#4 Washing service

In big commercial establishments, factories, or hospitality business, there is a need for commercial cleaning services for clothes.

Professional washers can provide clean and hygienic clothes. They have high-power washing systems to perform the task with 100% quality and zero error.

Carpet cleaning may be part of it, or you have to hire a service separately. Rugs and carpets need periodic cleaning with high efficiency.

#5 Swimming pool cleaning

the swimming pool is a ‘must-have’ thing in homes, recreation centers or hotels. It is very much essential to keep them clean.

If you want to keep the pool 100% clean, then it is essential to appoint a professional cleaner. It is impossible to clean a pool in-house.

Periodic cleaning maintains good condition of the pool and the water safe and healthy for all.


Once you are clear about your cleaning needs, it becomes easy to search for a suitable company. Send your requirement specs to multiple companies and get their quotations to pick the best.

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