What Are The Best Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean with Minimal Effort?

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What Are The Best Ways to Keep Your Pool Clean with Minimal Effort

Many people build a lavish swimming pool in their garden to enjoy the lifestyle. They spend a grand time with their friends and family members. However, slowly the pool starts losing its charm because it is not maintained well. One should perform Pool Maintenance Adelaide regularly to keep the pool crispy and fresh. Swimming is a healthy exercise, but unclean water may become a cause of illness. Some people think that to keep a pool clean, one has to put in extensive efforts. However, it is not like that. Pool cleaning can be done easily with minimal effort.

#1 Filter Pool Water

One has to keep the filter clean so that water can be filtered well. Experts say that if the water is clean, then 80 percent of pool water problems can be avoided. The filter has to be kept running at least 8 hours a day. You need to increase the filtration time if the water is hot. The formula for calculating filtration time is simple. You need to divide the temperature by two. It will tell you the adequate hours. Pool Cleaning Adelaide should be done regularly so that it offers the best conditions.

#2 Keep The Acidity Balanced

It is essential to maintain the pH level of your pool water. The ideal pH should be between 7 and 7.4. Not only acidity, but you should check the alkalinity as well. Keep it between 100 to 200 mg per liter.

A Pool Servicing Adelaide company will keep a close watch on the acidity and alkalinity if you assign the maintenance work. In an in-house arrangement, you will have to check it.

The cleanliness of the pool is directly related to its acidity or alkalinity balance,

#3 Keep Pool Water Disinfected

You should check the disinfection level of the pool every week. Thus, you will ensure cleanliness and hygiene. You can use any of the treatment methods, such that chlorine, bromine, salt electrolysis, or UV. It depends on your preference.

# 4: Remove Algae

Algae affect the health of the system adversely. To keep the pool free from it, you need to use anti-algae products. They will reduce the build-up of algae in the pool. When you apply algae products, make sure that the water is balanced, and thefilters are working fine. These simple tips will keep your pool in good health. You will enjoy your time there.

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