Using Residential Solar Panels in Brisbane

by admin

Being a responsible citizen, you are concerned about the surroundings and the environment. To limit your carbon footprint, you finally decide to install a residential solar power system. It is a good initiative. In Brisbane, you can find several service providers who can interpret your needs into an implementable solar power generation system. Switch over to solar energy today. It is the power generation system of tomorrow. As you know the electricity rates are increasing with every passing year, generating power for your personal consumption is a cost-saving idea. However, before making this smart move, you need to do some preparations. You should read about the literature, technical specs, and installation details of residential solar panels Brisbane. The first step is you should know whether your home is ready for solar panel installation? Get the information about the following factors first.


Does your roof offer the perfect angle for solar power generation? Residential solar panels facing towards North get maximum sunlight. They are more efficient. South-facing panels generate around 80% of their power rating. The least power-generating panels are East and West facing ones. If your roof cannot provide the right direction, you should not expect great efficiency. However, there is no harm in installing panels that give even 50 percent efficiency. You will generate some power and cut your electricity bill. Also, there should not be shade around your house. Residential solar panels generate a good amount of power when they get uninterrupted sunlight for a long duration. So, make sure that there are no structures or areas that block the sunlight.

Know About Solar Panels

Solar panels for residential use capture the sunlight and convert it into Direct Current or DC. How many panels you will require, depend on how much power generation you eye for. Ideally, you should generate power equal to daily consumption. Thus, the monthly electricity bill will be nullified. Roughly you spend 20kwh power every day. To generate that much, you need a 5kw residential solar power system Brisbane. Whether it is a 5kw system or 10kw, you need efficient panels. Check their performance and warranty. Premium solar panels are costlier than local ones, but they give better output and long-lasting performance. You need to check and compare specifications of more than one brand of the residential solar panel. It will help in making an informed decision. Hope this blog about the residential solar panel is helpful.

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