What are the 5 main types of cloud computing?

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What are the 5 main types of cloud computing?

If you think about the term Cloud Computing, then it is actually a catch-all term. It means everything or anything that involves the delivery of hosted services over the web can be called a cloud solution.

There are many service providers that are supplying cloud solutions in Adelaide.

What are the main 5 types of cloud computing?

#1 Public Clouds

The public cloud refers to a set of computing services provided over the internet by a third-party provider. It offers a wide range of services that can be purchased or used by anyone.

Once subscribed, the user can access public clouds for free or ondemand. He has to pay only for the computing resources used, e.g., CPU cycles, bandwidth, orstorage.

When a user purchases public clouds, there is a saving on the purchase, management, and maintenance of on-premises infrastructure.

The system management responsibility is handled by cloud solutions in Adelaide.

Public clouds offer scalability and flexible RAM and bandwidth. As a business owner, you need to worry about storage expansion.

#2 Private Clouds

Private clouds are a pool of computing resources offered over a private network of computers. They are used exclusively by a single organization over a long period. A private cloud is managed by internal resources, and it is restricted to organizations.

The level of security in a private cloud is very high. It internally encrypts sensitive data and hosts it internally. No access is available to third-party users. But, the resource consumption in this model is high.

#3 Hybrid Clouds

Hybrid clouds combine the benefits of both public and private clouds. They bring the “best of both worlds”. This type of cloud computing makes it possible to keep on shifting the workload between public and private clouds, depending on computing requirements and cost.

Thus, the hybrid cloud can handle overflow easily without worrying about the data being accessible to third parties.

#4 Community Clouds

Community Cloud is one of the approaches of cloud solutions in Adelaide where organizations share the infrastructure for applications of common interests.

It is a hybrid of private and public clouds, but it’s only accessible to a group of organizations that share the same community cloud infrastructure.

In the community cloud model, organizations share resources, costs, and responsibilities. Therefore, the cost saving and efficiency are high.

#5 Multi Clouds

Multi-cloud is one of the best types of cloud computing models. It is an approach where organizations use multiple cloud services from different cloud vendors, it can be private or public clouds.

Not all multi-clouds are hybrid clouds. They offer better data control and an additional layer of disaster recovery.

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