Tree Maintenance Tips For Great ROI

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Hence, it is all the more important to plant more trees and take good care of it. The first step is to plant trees. Arborists are experts in choosing, planting, and pruning trees. They also know the methods of nurturing trees.

However, it requires something else to keep the trees healthy and growing. It is regular tree maintenance.

Water the trees when they need the most

Watering is an essential aspect of tree maintenance. They need the most water during the initial stages-from seedling to adolescence.

The need for water doesn’t stop there. They need water; even trees reach adulthood.

During the season from late spring to autumn, you need to water the trees more frequently.

Mulching is an essential activity

Mulching is found quite effective in the initial stage because it prevents the loss of moisture. When the entire root system is covered with a layer of two to four inches of organic matter, trees remain safe and healthy.

The layer should not be very thick as it prevents the exchange of gas. A thin later is ideal.

Use of fertilizer

A newly planted tree require fertilizer because soil may not contain nutrients in adequate quantities. Some trees have excessive nutritional needs that can’t get fulfilled naturally. You have to replenish the soil artificially.

Whether you use natural, organic fertilizer, or chemical-based fertilizer, it is your choice.

Natural, organic fertilizers are better as they produce a long-term effect.

It is essential to check the pH level and organic matter content of the soil before buying fertilizer. Use a soil testing kit to provide an accurate reading. 


After watering and fertilization, the next important thing for proper growth of the tree is pruning. It is the process of removing old, diseased, or dead branches. Pruning removes the unwanted weight of a tree and boosts its growth.

It is essential to get the pruning done by an expert arborist. If done haphazardly, then it will cause more harm to a tree than benefit.

Different trees respond differently to the pruning, and there is an appropriate time when it is to be done. Hence, you need an expert for that who knows how to prune the trees and when. These tips will keep the trees in your backyard healthy. They will grow fast and remain green all the time. Call the best arborist in the town and avail benefits of his experience and knowledge.

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