Top Tips When Buying a Car Battery in Adelaide?

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Car Battery Adelaide

Regardless of how expensive your car is, the life of a battery is limited to three to five years only. Depending on the nature of the trips, climatic conditions, and wear and tear, it may vary a little. Once the battery completes its life, you need to replace it. This blog is dedicated to tips that can help in finding out the best Car Battery in Adelaide


Based on the physical dimension-length, width, and height, car batteries Adelaide are divided into group sizes. You need to check the user manual or ask the mechanic to know about it. The right battery size is the one that fits in the tray. There should not be any gap. The battery should fit well so that there are no vibrations.


Always buy a battery that is not older than six months of the date of manufacturing. You will not get a satisfactory service life.


The capacity of the battery means the amount of time that battery can run on its power without the engine and before it drains completely. Buying a battery with high reserve capacity helps the vehicle in tough situations, e.g., leaving the lights on by mistake, alternator failure, or non compliant engine.


There are two parameters of measuring power- CA (Cranking Amps) and CCA (Cold Cranking Amps). Cranking Amps is the energy required to start the engine at 32 degrees F. Cold Cranking Amps it the ability of the battery to start a car at 0 degrees F. Areas where the temperature is low, you need a battery with higher CCA.


Car batteries are of two types- maintenance-free and low maintenance. In a maintenance-free battery, the box is sealed, and the liquid electrolytes run throughout the life of the battery. You need not replace the electrolyte. In a low-maintenance battery, you have to replenish distilled water at regular intervals.


Battery manufacturers offer free replacement till the warranty period. Hence, the longer is the warranty period, the better it is.


It refers to the electricity the battery can store. A battery with higher Ah can maintain the load longer. It does not run out easily.


A car battery should be chosen with a lot of care. Consider all these parameters before you pick the new battery. It is essential that you compare batteries well and choose the perfect one. Then only you can expect better service and longer performance.

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