Tips For Maintaining a Crystal Clear Swimming Pools Adelaide

by admin

You spent a hefty on building a luxurious pools in Adelaide, but not happy with it just after a few months. It is frustrating to see the broken filters, awkward-looking algae, and greenish water. Why has it happened? What is that which made your pool look much below than luxurious? Well, experts have the answer for it. The pool is a victim of your negligence and carelessness. You didn’t think about the maintenance of the pool while spending generously on state-of-the-art facilities. It is essential to follow a proper maintenance routine to keep the pool in pink of its health. Want to know about a few easy tips? Here are they.

The Filter is The Foremost Thing You Should Maintain Well

The filter for a swimming pools Adelaide is just like the pair of kidneys in our body. It continually filters the water and removes impurities. However, the efficiency gets hampered when the filter basket is full of clutter. You need to take away everything periodically. Typically, it should happen once a week. Also, the pipes in the filter system need to be cleaned using the back washing method.

Regular Scrubbing & Skimming Are Recommended

If you want a pool that gives you a feeling of a star-rated hotel, then make sure you perform skimming daily. You may do it by installing some automated mechanism for skimming. You must scrub the sides of the pool so that algae build-up can be prevented.

Maintain Chemical Levels Consistently The Same

Level of chemicals plays an essential role in pool maintenance. If you feel irritation in eyes or skin and the water looks murky, then it is an indication of imbalanced chemical level. Not only that, the imbalance of chemicals in the pool becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Perform water testing once a week.

Keep a close eye on these chemicals:

  • Free chlorine: To keep the pool water germ-free and safe.
  • Acidity and alkalinity: To safeguard the pool equipment from erosion.
  • Total alkalinity: To maintain the pH balance.
  • Cyanuric acid: To keep the required level of free chlorine.
  • Chemical hardness: To reduce the possibility of plaster damage.

Give The ‘Shock Treatment’

It is the process of increasing the chlorine levels very high for a short time. It kills bacteria and makes it safe. Though it may cause damage to the pool sidings, experts recommend the shock treatment at least once a month. The benefits received by it are worth damaging the pool siding.

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