Tips For Cost-Effective Air Conditioning in Adelaide

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Air Conditioning Adelaide

Indeed, Air conditioning in Adelaide is an expensive thing, but you can reduce the cost by following some simple tips. As the mercury rises, you are supposed to keep the air-conditioner on for more expended period. Summers are quite irritating in Adelaide. It is impossible to live without an air-conditioner.

This blog is useful because it tells the tips for effective air-conditioning, whether you own the system or rent it.

Make wise use of circulating fan

According to air-conditioning experts, the use of circulating fan causes the “wind chill” effect. It doesn’t drop the temperature in the room but makes it very much comfortable. When the fan is on, it disperses cold air efficiently. The thermostat gets raised by four to five degrees, but you do not feel any discomfort.

Put the temperature optimal

It is essential to set the temperature of the system as high as is comfortable when everyone is in the room. Using the programmable thermostat; it is possible to set the temperature higher during the late-night hours or when nobody is at home. It could achieve as high as a 10% reduction in the bill. The smaller is the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature, the more money you save. Running the AC to excessively cold temperature doesn’t cool rooms fast.

Cleaning and maintenance

Do you think that just by installing an energy-efficient air-conditioning system, you achieve cost-saving? No, it doesn’t unless you clean and maintains the air-conditioner well. Around 5 to 15 percent of energy saving can be achieved by just cleaning air filters. In a central cooling system, the floor registers should not be blocked with dust. Do not cover them with furniture. Keep the evaporator and condenser coils clean. Remove all dust and debris from there.

Reduce heat buildup

When it is excessively hot outside, it is not a wise idea to increase the internal temperature by doing activities that generate heat. Try to do the activities during the time of the day when there is cooler outside. Use the exhaust fan in the bathroom to send hot, humid air outside.

Make use of blinds and curtains

Blinds and curtains create an insulating effect. They do not let the cold air escape from the room. Also, they keep the internal temperature low by preventing solar heat. Studies say that fully lowered blinds can bring down the heat around 45 percent. These tips will save air-conditioning costs greatly and keep your home comfortable and cool.

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