Things You Must Be Aware About Artificial Turf in Adelaide

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Artificial Turf in Adelaide

A big lawn is difficult to maintain. Also, it is quite expensive too! What is the alternative if you want to have lush green surroundings without having hassles of maintenance? Yes, artificial grass or artificial turf is the right choice. Not only in appears like original grass but the feel is also identical. With proper ground preparation and landscaping, you can imitate the natural lawn almost 100%.

Nowadays, people prefer artificial turf because of its benefits. Housing societies, individual bungalows, hotels and other establishments; everywhere you can find it.

Before buying artificial turf for your backyard, you must be aware of these things.

Arrange the basics first

You can’t lay down artificial grass on bare ground without any preparation. You must do the necessary preparation first. Excavation of at least 5 inches deep is recommended for laying down artificial turf. Proper drainage is the fundamental need because water clogging causes bacterial formation.

Lay down a thick mixture of 60% crushed rock and 40% fine aggregate to form a solid foundation. When it hardens, you get a plain surface which is water permeable. You have the perfect looking turf that looks like a natural lawn.

Use proper infill

What is an infill? It is nothing but the supporting layer for the artificial turf. It provides stability for the synthetic glass blade. Lay down the artificial grass first on the hard surface. Spread infill across the turf. You need to rake it into the crevices of grass blades. For realistic look and feel, you need good-quality infill.

Don’t compromise on quality

Always buy the best turf that looks like the natural grass and has a UV protective coating. To avoid fading and weathering; it is mandatory to have UV protection. Experts say that window reflection should be avoided as it damages the blades even if you have a protective coating. It doesn’t get affected by high temperature as such; only you will feel the turf hot during a sunny afternoon.

It is ‘Low Maintenance’, not ‘Maintenance Free’

Don’t think that you have to do nothing after installing the artificial turf. It requires some maintenance which is significantly lower than the original grass. Remove the dry leaves, debris and dust time to time. Brush the turf regularly to bring the blades back upright. Rearrange the infills to hold the blades up.

Thus, it will look like the natural grass. Enjoy the best services of artificial turf year after year.

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