Things That Attract Termites to Your Home

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Things That Attract Termites to Your Home

Termite damage is common in households. They are very destructive creatures and should be controlled when their numbers are few. For that, you need some expert termite control Adelaide company. Termites colonize your home and cause major destruction in long term. You may have to spend thousands of bucks on repair and maintenance.

Termites tend to make their colonies where they get food readily available. And what could be better than your home? There is furniture, wooden partitions, wooden flooring, and a lot of wood lying in the garden.

They are very smart creatures that remain hidden underneath. You will not be able to sense their presence until their number goes beyond a certain limit.

What should you do to keep your home less attractive for termites so that you need not eventually call a termite treatment Adelaide service?

Here are some effective things to protect your home from termites.

Remove all wood piles

Firewood or other wood piles are feasts for termites. They get highly attracted to it and make colonies to get the benefit of it. Experts say that you can keep termites away by keeping the wood elevated at least 5 inches off the ground.

Dead trees

If you have a garden in the house, it is quite common thing that trees to die, and you remove them. But sometimes, stumps remain in the garden and attract termites. They will colonize nearby and feed them on the stumps. They can cause harm to your garden later.

For that, you have to remove and clear any dead trees or stumps from the garden. If you call a stump removal company and get rid of it, then you will not need termites Adelaide control company.


Termites love cool, moist, and dark places because they can get conditioned to that environment easily. These are conducive conditions to termite infestation. Especially, subterranean termites like an abundant water source. Therefore, reducing moisture is a great way of reducing the number of termites in the home.

You should reduce excess moisture, reduce humidity, prevent wood rot and mold, to control or remove termites from your home.


Are there clogged gutters in your home? If yes, then you should get them cleaned because they are a big attraction point for termites. There could be debris and leaves in the clogged gutters that decay after some time and become excellent food for termites.

These simple things will keep your home safe from termites.

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