The Ultimate Guide To Buying Roller Shutters

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Roller Shutters

5 Reasons to Purchase Roller Shutters

Roller shutters Adelaide are popular because they offer a practical, attractive, and cost-effective solution to bring security and insulation to all types of buildings- industrial, residential, and commercial.

What is a roller shutter? It is a system of horizontally aligned, interlocking slats that form a rigid curtain over a window or door. You can roll up and down this curtain to get protection from the elements.

Usually, the slats are made from heavy-gauge aluminum or galvanized steel. They are attached to a guide channel called a track, which is fixed on the window, door, or wall. The channel holds the slats in place horizontally. Thus, raising and lowering the panel becomes easy.

There is a rigid rigid bottom rail that secures the slats vertically and it has a locking mechanism as well. At the top, there is an attractive canopy to protect the rolling mechanism and slats when they are rolled up.

There are other types of roller shutters such as plantation shutters Adelaide. The choice of roller shutter depends on the need and suitability.

Technical specifications

People prefer rollers to security doors Adelaide, because of their operational efficiency and ease. As far as technical specs are concerned, then they are made from galvanized steel or aluminum of various gauges. For a domestic shutter, it is .32 mm. For bushfire-rated shutters, it is 1mm. The height is 40mm and its thickness is 9mm. Both curved and flat slats are available. They are – two-sided finish and one-sided finish. Wide-span shutters have a slat height of 55mm and a thickness of 11mm.


There are many benefits of installing Roller shutters Adelaide.


Roller shutters offer excellent security as they cover the window and door openings completely. When the shutter is down, it’s locked to prevent entry. Due to its heavy-duty materials and the close fit of the panel, it is tough to break.

Thus, shutters play the role of security doors Adelaide.

Noise and light control

When you roll down the roller shutters, they bring sound-dampening benefits. If you live on a busy street or want to minimize the exterior noise, roller shutters are extremely beneficial. They block between 50% and 80% of noise.

Also, they are good at blocking out daylight or exterior night lighting. It is possible to control the light fully by lowering the shutters completely.

Weather protection

Both, plantation shutters Adelaide and roller shutters are excellent protection against weather. They can prevent hot and cold winds or rains from blowing in. By regulating the internal temperature, they can bring down heating and cooling costs by 30 to 40 percent.

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