The Silent Killer Lurking in Your Industry – Adelaide Industrial Asbestos Risk Revealed

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Asbestos Removal Adelaide

Amongst the most critical risk factors at the workplace, the industrial asbestos risk is considered the biggest. If you are an entrepreneur, then it is very much essential to assess it. Is there any risk at all? If yes, then where do you fall in the scale of 1 to 10? From high industrial risk to the least industrial risk, there are several shades. To find out where does your Asbestos removal Adelaide Company stand; you should do a thorough investigation.

Of course, it needs the help of an expert asbestos inspections Adelaide. You can’t assess it in-house.

Why is Asbestos so dangerous?

Asbestos is nothing but the family of fibrous minerals that are made of silicate. It was widely used earlier in a broad spectrum of construction material. Asbestos tiles, pipes, siding, partition sheets, roofing, and soundproofing material, patching compounds; the list is unending. For so many years it was considered a ‘wonder product’ and use of Asbestos continued until people realized and discovered the hazardous effects of it.

Scientists and medical research associates found that if the asbestos testing Adelaide fibers are processed and separated, microscopic dust is released. This dust gets into the human body, and when it is not excreted by the body, it leads to the development of serious, life-threatening ailments.

High risk of asbestos exposure in industrial environments

Though Asbestos has been classified as a toxic substance and its use has been regulated by the law, still, several workers are at the risk of asbestos exposure. Exposure to the miners is very obvious. It may happen due to the Asbestos occurring naturally or from manufactured products that contain asbestos.

Activities such as blasting and cutting, grinding and polishing or distributing the ore or surrounding earth can cause dispersion of asbestos microfibers in the surrounding air. Even though there have been stringent norms to stop the usage of Asbestos worldwide, still there are many countries where the production and use of Asbestos are permitted.

Exposure of Asbestos in the construction industry

As mentioned earlier, the use of Asbestos in building construction was quite prevalent before. The strength and durability made it a preferred product a few decades ago. Today, the use of Asbestos has been stopped, but while renovating or demolishing the old buildings, construction workers are at the risk of massive exposure of Asbestos.

The construction and demolition workers should be careful if the building is old. There is a high possibility of Asbestos being used in the construction. Care should be taken to avoid the exposure of harmful asbestos.

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