The Essential Features Of Security Door Locks

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Regardless of the type of security door lock you choose, don’t forget to check the features. What is the objective of choosing security doors in Adelaide? It is that nobody should be able to break it using usual efforts. But what if you cut corners and pick a lock that needs just one kick to open? Well, there is no point in spending on security door then! Now you have understood the importance of security door locks. There are also equally important. Then only you can expect the door to prevent crime from happening.

What are the essential features of security door locks? Read the blog, and you will know it.

  • Strike Plate: It is the plate that attaches the lock to the door frame. Remember, it could be the weakest part if not fixed to the door well or made from a material of lesser strength.
  • Gauge: Material used for making security lock should be of high-quality & heavy gauge. Not just that, the screws should also be at least three-inch-long. Make sure that the plate is secured not to the jamb but the wall framing.
  • Saw-resistant Bolts: Why saw-resistant bolts? Because it makes it difficult for the saw blade to cut further. These bolts have anti-saw pins inside.
  • Double-cylinder Deadbolt: They make it possible to lock the door from both sides.
  • Hardened Steel Casing: Casing made of hardened steel and beveling is the best. They make the use of plier or wrench pipe impossible.
  • Through Bolts: The drop bolt lock or rim has to be attached to the door with through bolts. It prevents intrusion.
  • Bump Resistance: This is one of the important aspects that must not be ignored. When an intruder wants to get into the house quickly, the first thing he will do is to bump it because it is the fastest way. However, you can make it impossible by picking a lock that is bump resistant.
  • Drill Resistance: Another thing is drill resistance. Majority of high-quality security locks are made from hardened metal inserts. It makes the drilling incredibly difficult. Non-standard security locks do not offer security from drilling. For that, you need good-quality, reliable locks.
  • Force Resistance: Is the security lock capable enough to sustain the force of any type? If yes, then you have picked the perfect lock.

Choose security door locks that fulfill all these criteria. You will never get disappointed by the results.

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