The Advantages Of Dry Rug Cleaning

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Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry rug cleaning requires almost no water during the cleaning process. It uses encapsulation or compound cleaning technology that achieves equivalent (or even better) cleaning performance than the conventional water-based cleaning. Due to the better performance & less consumption of water, dry rug cleaning has gained popularity in offices, hotels, commercial establishments, and households. Another advantage of dry cleaning is that carpet can be immediately used after cleaning is done. It doesn’t cause any disruption in operations because of carpet cleaning Adelaide. Do the benefits end here? No, the list is quite long. Let’s know them one by one.

It Is Not Just Surface Cleaning

Since no water is used in the cleaning process, many people feel that dry rug cleaning cleans only the superficial layer. However, it is not the case. It can clean the inner layers equally effectively and remove the embedded dirt within the piles of the carpet. When compound (the special cleaning powder) is sprinkled on the carpet during treatment, it transforms into sponge-like particles that are brushed into the carpet. These particles absorb the stain residues and dirt. Just brush the rug thoroughly to get sparklingly clean, fresh surface. As soon as cleaning is over, the rug is ready for use. It makes dry rug cleaning in Adelaide a favorite method.

It Removes Tough Stains

Dry rug cleaning technology brings a variety of stain removal products that dissolves stains and make the carpet clean and fresh like new. When you use wet cleaning methods, there is an unpleasant smell around because of insufficient drying. Also, there is a risk of the infestation of mild dew and mold. Sometimes, wet cleaning leaves saturated chemical residue and causes carpet shrinkage. All these problems are not there with the dry process of rug cleaning.

It Is A Fast & Efficient Process

As compared to wet cleaning, the dry rug cleaning method is fast. Cleaning service providers will arrive at your home or office and finish the cleaning within a few hours. Though a small amount of moisture is there in the form of application solution, it dries quite fast. You can use the rug almost immediately after the cleaning is over. Since dry rug cleaning overcomes all the troubles of wet cleaning, it has become quite popular today. You can choose from several service providers who offer services at competitive rates. Make use of the internet to find out the best cleaning service around.

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