Should I Clean the House after Pest Control?

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When you carry out pest control Adelaide, you might be concerned about the residual effect of the chemicals used in the process. Well, pest control companies ensure that they use chemicals that are harmless for humans or pets. Still, many people want to clean the premises well to minimize the risk.

Does the service company offer a cleaning after pest control? If yes, then it is good. You should not attempt to perform the cleaning without confirming with the service company.

Why is it required to check with them before cleaning the premises? There are many reasons.

Residue chemicals work afterward

When you call the best pest control Adelaide company, you can expect that the results are also best. The pest control company will use good-quality chemicals that are deployed wet. Eventually, the chemicals will dry over time.

You should stay away for some time after the pest control is done. Once the chemical dries, it cannot be absorbed into the skin easily.

Thus, it is safe.

If you enthusiastically clean it, then the residual chemical does not do what it is supposed to be.

Thus, you miss a necessary component of pest control. You do not get the desired effect. The process becomes less successful.

How long should you wait?

Well, every company has a different strategy for cleaning. If you hire any of the local pest control companies, then it is possible that the company representative will come to your place after a week or so for follow-up.

If it is not a local company, then the visit may be chargeable. Or you will get telephonic support.

How long should you wait depends on the type of treatment being performed.

Sometimes, they apply spray and powder both. The spray kills the pests immediately, whereas the powder will work as a slow poison. It will kill the eggs as they hatch. Therefore, do not vacuum the dust.

If the non-chemical solution is used, then you need not worry. It will not cause any harm to you or your pets. So, do not attempt to clean the premises.


There is practically no need for cleaning after performing the pest-control treatment. Your service provider will do the needful.

Sometimes, you cause harm by cleaning. You do not get the desired effects as the chemical gets washed away (or gets vacuumed).

Hence, ask the pest-control expert first before you switch on the vacuum cleaner.

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