Selection and Installation – Air Conditioning In Adelaide

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Whether you live in a flat or independent house, the installation of an air-conditioning system requires analysis and comparison of multiple systems. To avoid any wasted costs, it is recommended that a specialist dealer comes to your place and makes an assessment of the property.

The team will advise on the best location to install it both outside and inside. What factors should you consider? Here are some facts.

Which rooms or spaces you want air-conditioned?

Do you want air-conditioning in just one or two rooms? Or you want the entire home air-conditioned? Based on your need and requirement, you should choose an appropriate model. Here comes the role of consultants. They will gather your requirements and suggest the best system. Both central and split air-conditioners have merits and demerits. It is up to you which one will you consider?

Is the home layout permanent?

Is your home layout permanent or it will change after the renovation? If it is permanent, then you can plan for the central air-conditioner. Otherwise, you should buy some small split unit that is sufficient for one or two rooms. When a fully integrated ducted air-conditioning system is installed, you get discreet comfort throughout the house.

What is the best location for the indoor and outdoor units?

You should always remember that hot air rises and cool air sinks. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right position. It will help to ensure even air circulation.  It is about the indoor unit. As far as the outdoor unit is concerned, you need to mount it at a place where there is plenty of free space on either side. What is the benefit? You get easy access and airflow for maintenance.

The outdoor unit of a split system needs to be installed in a firm base that is attached to a wall. Alternatively, you can choose a concrete slab. When an outdoor unit is installed within 15 meters of distance from the indoor unit, you will get the maximum efficiency.

Who should install the air-conditioner?

Whether it is a small system or big, it should be installed by a licensed professional installer. He should be qualified and licensed to handle air-conditioners. It gives you peace of mind. When the system is installed by an authorized installer, you do not have the risk of losing a warranty on the system. These simple tips will make the process of selection and installation of air-conditioner in Adelaide.

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