How much does Roof Restoration Cost in Adelaide?

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Roof Restoration Cost Adelaide

Roof Restoration Cost in Adelaide

Is your roof showing signs of aging? Is there a build-up of algae and mold? Has it become old?

The question could be anything, but the answer is always one- you need to do something about it.

Should you replace the roof? Well, it is an option that you should think of when there is no other choice. There is one economical solution available, that is, Roof Restorations Adelaide. You can call a specialist to restore the roof to a good-as-new state.

And all this you get at almost 50 percent of replacement cost. This article is all about roof restoration and its approximate cost.

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Average cost of restoration

The costing for roof restoration is done on per square meter cost. The larger is the roof, the lesser money needs to be spent. It is because the setup cost and other costs spread out more when the roof is large.

Some ballpark figures are as follows:

  • For a small roof, the Roof Restoration Cost is 30$ to 40$ per square meter.
  • For a medium-sized roof, the cost is 20$ to 30$ per square meter.
  • If you have a large roof, then you need to pay 15$ to 25$ per square meter.

It is important to mind that the cost depends on the condition of the roof. Before restoring the roof,  a roofing Adelaide expert will clean it thoroughly. There is a lump-sum cost of 250$ to 500$ charged for cleaning as the condition of the roof surface.

For a spot repair, 200$ to 500$ are charged by service providers.

The cost of restoration also varies based on the roofing material. Metal roof restoration can be done by spending 50$-60$ for one square meter, whereas a tiled roof requires 55$-65$ for one square Meter.

The total cost of roof restoration for an average-sized house will be 2500$. For a tiled roof, the total cost may go beyond 6000$. A large house needs 10,000$ or more for roof restoration.

How will you get the best deal? For that, you have to talk to multiple vendors. Get the cost estimates from them and then make a comparative chart. Make sure the cost estimate received from all vendors is at similar criteria.

Apart from the cost, you need to check their quality and rapport in the market. You can read online reviews and feedback of the clients and then make a selection.

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