Plumbing Tools The Homeowner Would Use

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Plumbing Tools The Homeowner Would Use

Most homeowners do not have any interest in plumbing and related things. Whenever they have any problem, they just dial the number of a plumber Adelaide. But, some people do not want to hire a plumber for every small or big problem. Instead, they want to do their own.

But since plumbing is a specialized and complex skill, you have to keep a few plumbing tools handy. They will be required to resolve the problems.

7 plumbing tools that would use by homeowner

#1. Plunger

This is the most important tool. Every plumber keeps a few good-quality plungers. In fact, this tool everyone must keep at home. Whether you live in an independent house, an apartment, or a mobile home; it is needed.

#2. Wrench

In various plumbing jobs, you need a wrench. It is a simple adjustable wrench that can do a variety of things. It can fasten or loosen pipes, fix connectors, adjust fixtures, and can do many other things. Some people keep a wrench set where different sizes of wrenches are available.

#3. Caulk Gun and Caulk

It is a very important tool that can seal plumbing fixtures, such as baths, showers, toilets, and sinks to the walls and floors. It is essential to keep the caulk in the kitchen and bathroom to avoid water damage and mildew.

#4. Hand Auger

When your plunger cannot undo a clog, you need a hand auger. It is a great tool to have. An auger works using a hand crank. It can snake in a line and dislodge the clog. It is especially useful tool for emergency plumber Adelaide.

#5. Long-Nosed Pliers

When you have to deal with problems in areas that are difficult to reach, there is nothing better tool than a long-nosed plier. It can be useful in adjusting fittings or picking out hair.

#6. Thread Seal Tape

You need it for several plumbing jobs, e.g., showerheads or pipe connections. If there is a loose pipe, then it can be sealed back using thread seal tape. It is an essential tool for hot water repairs Adelaide. It is useful when the pipes are old and have not been maintained.

#7. Duct Tape

Indeed, it is not a long-term solution, but it will work as a stop- gap solution. It can be really very handy and useful at times.

These tools are easily available in any hardware store. They are easy to use and affordable. You don’t need to be a plumber to use these tools.

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