How to overcome common challenges in dog training?

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How to overcome common challenges in dog training?

When you have a pet, life is full of fun and thrill. But it is equally challenging also. The biggest challenge is to provide Dog Training Melbourne.

There are typical common challenges that people experience. Let’s understand a few major ones.


It is a common concern of many pet parents. Since it is quite loud and disturbing, parents get frustrated when the dog does not stop.

Well, we understand that barking is completely normal canine behavior, and it serves several different functions, it is impossible to tolerate the same.

You must understand that by knowing the reason for barking, it is easy to overcome the problem.

Is the barking for attention? Or is it because he has seen something suspicious? Or is it to keep something away?

Based on the reason, you can take the necessary action and he will calm down.  If you feel that the dog does not obey the commands well, then you need to talk to Dog Training Melbourne and find out what is missing.


It is another common challenge people face while training dog. They complain that the dog is not following the clues. People think that the dog is stubborn, but it is not. It is important to work with him so that he learns to sit and stay.

Not sitting on cue can be frustrating. In the majority of cases, it is not a problem. It is due to missed steps in learning and not stubbornness as people misinterpret.

It could be due to distraction. So, you have to break down the command into smaller steps and then teach them, you will see that the dog has learned the command without any issue.

Start training the dog in an environment that minimal distraction. Also, you should make use of dog reinforcements whenever you feel necessary.

You should know when the dog has become fed up with the training. When it happens, then you have to plan breaks between two sessions.

A proper Dog Training should resolve the problems and make your dog trained.


Reactivity to other small animals around or other dogs in the house can become an issue. You need to avoid exposure as much as possible if he is reactive to something. Or give him controlled exposure. When he becomes used to it, then you should gradually expose him to these elements.

These are some common challenges and ways to overcome them.

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