Noise Reduction with Roller Shutter Doors

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Noise Reduction with Roller Shutter Doors

It is very much annoying when the roller shutter make noise. If you try some quick fixes, but do not get success in stopping it, then you will have to call professionals. Yes, there are various service centers that offer repair and maintenance of Roller shutters Adelaide. A professional engineer will survey your site and find out the problem. The problem will get resolved and you will again enjoy a noiseless performance.

Whether it is a small domestic roller shutter or a big commercial one, to have the best performance, you have to know what the reasons behind a noisy roller shutter are.

The shutter doesn’t have adequate motor oil

Yes, it is one of the common reasons. Motor oil is used as a lubricant to ensure that all moving items glide without friction. When the oil is in short supply, the components will rub on each other and generate a screeching sound. Not only that it generates unpleasant noise, but it may cause damage to the component that is unaddressed.

The simple fix is to apply a little oil and lubricate the parts. If in spite of oiling, the noise doesn’t stop, then you have to call an expert and get it checked. See if there is no damage to the bearings.

Experts say that by performing regular maintenance of all types of shutters, including window plantation shutters Adelaide, one can maintain long life and noise-free performance.

Check if there is no corrosion

One more important reason behind a noisy shutter is corrosion. If the security roller shutters Adelaide installed get corroded, you get noisy performance. To correct it, you need to get the corrosion cleaned. If it has damaged the part, then you will have to get it replaced. When you clean the corrosion or replace the part, the noise will disappear and there will be no unpleasant squeaking sound.

Experts say that the earlier you catch signs of corrosion, the easier it will be to fix. With regular maintenance and servicing of the roller shutter, you can expect long-lasting performance.

Loose spring tension

A roller door will get out of balance if the spring tension is too much or too little tension. Either the unit will work under tremendous load and generate troubling noise, or it will have loose tension, which is a dangerous operating condition.

Hence, get the spring tension tested.

These are some of the common reasons behind noisy roller shutters and their remedies.

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