What is the Most Common Problem with the Washing Machine?

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Most Common Washing Machine Problems

Most Common Washing Machine Problems

Your washing machine is your lifeline. In the hectic schedule, you do not have time to wash your clothes. A washing machine does the tough task of washing clothes. The machine relentlessly works for you month on month.

However, it is a machine ultimately. It gets wear and tear. One fine day, the machine denies working and you have to take it to a washing machine repairs Adelaide. The mechanic will check the problem and diagnose its fundamental cause of the problem.

Some problems are quite common. They occur with every washing machine. Here are they.

Drain problems

The water clogs inside and you cannot operate the machine. This problem has to be resolved immediately.  If you are a little bit techno-savvy person, then you can troubleshoot it by reading the manual. You need to remove the drain hose and run water through it. Unplug the machine and check the pump.

You need to call the washing machine repairs if still water is not drained from the machine

Water leakage

The water leak is a tricky problem because every time it is not from the same location. If you see a water pool in front or back of the machine, then first you should check the water supply hose. Now, you should check for any rust or mineral deposits in the machine. If the leak is in front of the machine, then it could be a problem with the seal. If the leakage is at the bottom, then you should check the water pump for holes.

Door not opening

If the door of the washing machine doesn’t open, then there could be various reasons behind it.  The pressure switch could have gone bad. There could be a blockage in the pressure system. The door might have jammed. It is also possible that some part of the door is broken.

Any of these issues is not possible to resolve unless you call washing machine repairs Adelaide.

Spin issues

Does the machine refuse to start the spin cycle? If yes, then it could be a blockage in the drainage system. It prevents the spin cycle to start. If the machine spins but not at the usual speed, then it is a balance issue. It could be because the motor that turns the drum has gone bad.

You need to call an expert repair company to troubleshoot and repair the problems of the spin tub.

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