Managed IT or Managed Security – What’s the Difference?

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Difference Between Managed IT or Managed Security

When we say that IT or Information Technology is the backbone of every business, it is quite obvious that managing IT is a critical thing.

And there are multiple aspects of IT management. You need to take care of the servers and their configuration. You are supposed to manage enterprise software editions and keep the network optimized. And above all, the whole IT infrastructure has to be kept protected from external threats and Cyberattacks.

Believe it, managing all these things is not easy. It will take a big chunk of your operational time, and at times, it is stressful also.

To keep your IT systems in a healthy state, you need to call any of the best Managed IT Services Adelaide. Else, your IT system will always be in a state of jeopardy.

However, when entrepreneurs search for service providers to outsource IT, they find two categories of services- Managed IT operations and Managed IT security. What is the difference between them? Are they offer similar services?

Managed IT services ensure maximum system uptime

When you outsource IT Support Adelaide to a company that offers Managed IT service, you get the assurance of optimally running IT at all times. Usually, these services are available at a fixed monthly service or yearly subscription.

All your servers, network, devices, and peripherals are monitored. It will be assured that everything is configured and patched well.

In case of any performance issue, support engineers address it immediately and prevent major problems down the line.

IT systems will be backed up periodically so that critical IT assets remain unaffected from cyberattacks, natural disasters, or human errors.

Managed Security keeps IT system safe against data threats

While Managed IT Support Adelaide is more comprehensive and all-inclusive focused on the operability of IT systems, Managed Security is about keeping the IT systems secure against unauthorized access. It uses a multilayered defense strategy to safeguard the IT system from every angle.

Not only external threats such as network intrusions and malware are taken care of, but also accidental or deliberate security breaches.

Which one is better?

Pros and cons are there if you select any of the models.

Managed IT Services Adelaide reduces the burden of dealing with technology. Entrepreneurs can focus on their core business instead of struggling with IT issues. The downside is that there may not be sufficient protection against modern cyber threats.

Managed IT Security is a holistic risk management tool to keep the IT system safe. However, it offers inadequate support for other technical issues.

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