How do you maintain commercial refrigeration?

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How do you maintain commercial refrigeration?

Whether it is household refrigeration or commercial, you want to run it efficiently and reliably. To ensure that, you will have to perform regular service and maintenance. It is more important in the case of Commercial refrigeration Adelaide.

It is because they are mission-critical equipment. If they go down, then you will have big trouble. It will cost you a fortune.

And it is not a question of downtime only. It will be a costly affair if your system does not run with 100 percent efficiency. It will consume more energy and you will have an extra burden on the wallet. And it is not good for the health of our planet as well.

So, how can you ensure that the commercial refrigeration system is maintained well? Here are some tips.

Keep the exterior and interior clean

You should perform regular cleaning, either weekly or biweekly depending on the usage. It will ensure that the system remains free from dust, dirt, and grease. You should use industrial standard cleaners.  Professional help can be obtained if you are unable to clean the system internally.

Clean the Condenser Coil

Routine cleaning of the condenser coil is important. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning once every three months. Also, there are specific cleaning tips. If the coils are not clean, it will affect the performance of the system. Not just that, frequent downtime will force you to call Commercial fridge repairs Adelaide. Dirty coils will result in overheating and component failure.

Clean the evaporator coil

The evaporator coil is also a vital component of your commercial refrigerator. The evaporator coil is located by the evaporator fan. Its responsibility is to absorb heat when warm air passes through the refrigeration system. Thus, it keeps the interior of the unit cool.

If it is not maintained, then the airflow will be blocked, and the coil will freeze and lead to a water leak.

Check the Gaskets regularly

In every Commercial refrigeration Adelaide, door gaskets are essential. If there are cracks or splits,  then the doors will not be sealed properly. Thus, cool air will exit the interior. Replace the gasket if there are cracks. If you perform regular maintenance, then the cracks will get identified early.

Check Air Filters

Finally, you should keep air filters clean and free from dust. If there is a large buildup of dust, then it will prevent air in the unit from ventilating properly.

These tips will maintain your refrigeration system well.

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