Is Pest Control Safe for Children and Pets?

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Is Pest Control Safe for Children and Pets?

When the menace of pests goes out of control, you do not have any option other than calling the best pest control Adelaide service. It is an effective method indeed. But, many people are not very sure about that when there are small kids and pets in the home. They fear that the pest control methods may cause harm to the children or pets. Is it really a matter to worry about? Should you take the risk of having pets in the home just because you are not confident about the safety of pest control methods followed by the agency?

In this blog, let’s talk about that!

Check the chemicals used by the pest control service

Yes, it is an important matter. You must look at the chemicals used by the pest control Adelaide company. All pesticides used in households must be approved by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority). The approved products with low mammalian toxicity are approved ones and they are safe for pets as well as small kids.

You should always remember that only a truly professional pest controller will have this kind of knowledge. Therefore, you should choose a registered pest controller. Not only that, but you should also feel free to ask questions.

Check the application rate and volume of the product

A correct pest control company administers the correct application rate and volume of the products. It is essential that the guidelines are followed without fail. Casual pest control companies are sloppy with their measurements and applications. Therefore, you have the risk of over-applying the treatment. A strong treatment might be longer lasting, but it is incorrect from the point of view of your kids and pets.

Check that the pesticides are applied as per label directions

It is another critical aspect. Each pesticide is for a particular type of pest. Make sure that the pest control company follows the label direction. For example, pesticides used for termite treatment Adelaide should be used for termite control only. Generic use of a specific type of pesticide should be avoided.

Have a close watch on the pets and kids

You should monitor the health of your family and pets. If any health issues are observed, then take the required actions. You should work out a plan to control and minimize the risk. Follow the safety instructions and protocol without fail.

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