Is now a good time to finalise a Family Law Property settlement?

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When people are in a de-facto relationship, they are supposed to have up to two years after they separate. Married people are supposed to have up to one year after their divorce. Many people believe that it is mandatory to wait until divorce happens to go for property settlement. It is a misconception. In fact, a property settlement should be finalized before divorce for married people. Your family lawyer Adelaide should help in this regard.

Once a person decides to separate, he needs to take up the financial issues and property settlement as early as possible. It is not possible when the decision is not mutual because one of the parties is not mentally and emotionally ready to make such a critical financial decision. However, it is important that the divorce lawyer Adelaide explains the importance of it to his client. It is a good idea to get law advice for it sooner.

Another critical thing is that clients must get legal advice before discussing the proposal with the spouse or partner. There is a possibility of making a counter-productive proposal if it is not discussed with the legal expert.

For example, the proposal may be overly generous, which may become a hindrance for future negotiations. Or it could be so miserable that it makes the opposite party resentful. It leads the other party to take the opposite position during the negotiation.

There Should Be a Separate Approach For Everyone

Every marriage or relationship is different because the personality is different. The ways of dealing with conflict are also different. A good family lawyer Adelaide understands it well and comes up with the perfect strategy to achieve a timely settlement.

Before getting into the negotiations for settlement, one should consider the fact that the value of the asset is variable. It changes over time. Therefore, it is not a wise thing to delay the settlement procedure. It could benefit one party and be a disadvantage to the other.

Hence, a divorce lawyer Adelaide spends sufficient time in framing the settlement document so that it becomes a balanced document.

If you are in the process of separation, it is critical to find the property settlement rights. Call some expert family lawyer. You will get honest advice as to what is fair, and it will provide guidance about what is the perfect timing for the property settlement negotiation process. It ascertains the value of current assets.

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