Is Chiro covered by Medicare Australia?

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Chiropractor Adelaide

Chiropractor Adelaide

Perhaps this question is one of the most frequently asked questions by people, who avail of this treatment. It is because you have to visit Chiro Adelaide several times. Hence, you are worried about his fee.

The answer to this question is yes. But you must cross-check it once with your insurance service provider. Sometimes, the service provider entitles the customers to up to three or five bulk-billed chiropractic visits a year. The total amount will be paid for by Medicare.

The coverage can save several dollars in healthcare costs. Many times, people are eligible for this, but they do not even know that such a scheme exists.

Medicare fund Chiropractic care: check eligibility

According to the rule, one is eligible for a Medicare card if there is a chronic condition that needs chiropractic treatment. For that, a certificate has to be issued by GP to create a specific CDM plan (Chronic Disease Management) for the person.

What is a chronic condition? It is defined as a condition that is present for more than six months. There is a possibility that the problem that one is facing for a few months is due to some underlying cause.

Then the patient can meet a qualified Chiropractor Adelaide on a team care management. It is allowed for a maximum of five visits. The cost incurred will be bulk billed to Medicare.

It is important that the patient must consult the GP about the physical problem that needs chiropractic treatment and get clarity about eligibility under the CDM plan.

There could be a delay in claim settlement (and in some cases, it can be denied also) if there is any doubt about the eligibility.

Each time the patient visits a Chiro Adelaide, the cost will be bulk billed to Medicare.

What conditions are eligible?

The common conditions are:

In the first visit, the chiropractor does the history of the problem and suggests diagnostic tests if required. Since the tests are covered, the patient need not pay anything out of pocket.

What if a person is undergoing the treatment already?

It doesn’t matter whether the person is already seeing a chiropractor or has never been there. For Medicare, both situations are similar. After the referral from the GP, Medicare will pay for up to five visits.

If the treatment is undergoing, then the next five visits will be paid.

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