Important Facts About Solar Panel Rebates in Brisbane

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Important Facts About Solar Panel Rebates in Brisbane

Australia offers support and favorable condition for solar power. Since the availability of sunlight is adequate in the country, solar panels provide great productivity. If installed well, then the solar panel Brisbane can fulfill the household need for power and generate income by feeding the excess power to the main grid. Several incentives and rebates are being offered by the state and the federal governments to encourage people for using solar power in Brisbane. Other than the national rebate program, which gives benefits for solar panels, heat pump systems, and solar water heater. Based on the local rules, many other incentives are available. One has to gather information from reliable sources before going solar. As far as the national rebate program is concerned, it gives the rebate on the total energy output between the starting year of operation and the end of the year 2030. Two parameters decide the rebate, the system size, and location. Larger installations get more rebate as they produce more electricity.

State-wise The Rebates Are Different

In addition to the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, some other incentives are available at the state level as well. These rebates work independently from the national rebate program. You need to refer to the state-wise rebate details available at the respective websites. As far as Brisbane is concerned, there is QLD Solar for Rentals program. It offers rebates up to 3500 dollars for landlords. The installation has to be completed before 30 June 2020. However, it is a limited funding program on a trial basis. Other than that, the government offers interest-free loans for the installation of energy storage systems and solar system installation in Brisbane. The government is offering a Low-Income Program. It is known as the ACT. It offers solar power subsidy up to 2500 dollars. The Next Generation Energy Storage program offers battery rebates for systems up to 30-kilowatt capacity.

Rebates On Solar Panels

To reduce the cost of going solar and to shorten the payback period, the government gives rebates on solar panels. It is a program that is applicable nationwide with interfering with the local regulations.

Rebate on Solar Battery

Since the output of a solar system depends on the availability of the sunlight, adding batteries provides energy storage to supply power when solar panels do not generate it. Though there is no national rebate program for batteries, some state governments offer it. Similarly, some states offer rebates on solar hot water systems as well. It is essential to get the knowledge of rebates before installing a solar system.

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