How to Take Good Care of Moroccan Tiles

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You don’t mind lavish spending when you build the home. It is because you want it to be the best place on earth. Tiles are an essential element of the beauty of the construction. Due to their incredible diversity, morocco tiles have become popular nowadays. These tiles are beautiful, luxuriant, and they get blended with every interior décor seamlessly and smoothly. Tiles Adelaide Expert says that it is possible to keep the charm and appearance of morocco tiles intact for many years if they are maintained well. What are the ways of taking proper care of morocco tiles? Here are some tips. These ideas will not just enhance the beauty of morocco tiles but the longevity as well.

The best idea is to use mats on the doorways

When people walk on the floor, the small particles on the shoe soles make tiny scratches on Moroccan tiles. It is possible to avoid it, and the idea is quite simple. Put doormats on the doorways that lead to the floor where you have installed these delicate tiles. When people enter, the tiny particles will get deposited on the mats keeping the tiles safe.

Use gliders

When you fix the furniture, place it with appropriate gliders. Thus, you will not affect the surface of the floor. Weighty items are not suitable for Moroccan tiles. They increase the tension and cause the tiles to break or crack. Dropping heavy objects on the tiles may damage them. The best thing is to install rubber protectors on the legs of the furniture.

Make sure you don’t drag anything

Dragging heavy items on the floor may cause crack on the Moroccan tiles. If you need to move items, then carry them by lifting and then place gently. Even spiked heels will also damage the floor.

Cleaning tips

Not only maintenance, but cleaning is also equally important when you install Moroccan tiles in the home.

• Use vinegar and water to clean the tiles. Tough stains can be cleaned with a mixture of warm water and sodium bicarbonate. Make sure you use a piece of soft cloth to clean.

• The best thing s to vacuum the tiles regularly.

• Never use harsh and abrasive chemicals, hard brush, or steel wool.

• Ammonia-based cleaners are not suitable for Moroccan tiles. They can damage the surface and destroy the patterns or colors. Keep these things in mind, and the Moroccan tiles in your home will shine for many years.

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