How To Prevent Drains To Get Blocked And What To Do

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A blocked drains Adelaide is one of the most everyday plumbing problems in the home. It is quite expensive sometimes to get the repairing done. Experts say that one should take steps to avoid the drain blockage. If not resolved timely, there could be a leak or rupture because of the increasing pressure inside the drain.

By taking a few simple steps, one can reduce the possibility of clogging and blockage in the bathroom or kitchen drain. It is not required that you are extra cautious and over-vigilant about it, but just a little care will keep the plughole free from blockage, year after year.

Preventing blockage, a few tips

  • Reduce the possibility of blockage by installing a plug screen in the hole. It stops dirt and debris from getting into the drainage system. You need to clean the screen regularly.
  • Use drain screens of different filter size for kitchen, bathroom or garden. You need to measure the plugs before you buy the screen. Ask the vendor if you are not very sure about it.
  • Never pour oily things such as grease, oil or cream in the drain. It is designed for handling liquids and water but not oils. The oil gets solidify and blocks the drainpipe. This hard blockage is quite challenging removing, especially in winters.
  • When oil gets harden in the underground drainage system, it becomes a further big menace. It will be an expensive repair.
  • Don’t flush anything in the toilet other than human waste and toilet papers. Never flush baby wipes. Even if they look like toilet paper, they don’t break down and decompose the way a standard toilet paper does., Therefore, wipes cause blockage in the drain.
  • Accidental flushing of objects should be avoided at all. Flushing of toys, jewelry or mobile phone is one of the biggest reasons for blocked drains.
  • Clean the kitchen sink or bathroom drain regularly using common drainage cleaning solution or powder. It keeps the system cleaner, and you can avoid significant blockage for a long time. If you want to try some household methods, then use a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar. Add a cup if water after some time. Flush well to clear the passage.

Plumber Adelaide Experts recommend using plunger from time to time. However, do not vigorously plunge as it may damage the seals of the drainpipe. These tips will keep your drain free from blockage and save money on expensive plumbing needs.

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