How to Find The Right Family Lawyer in Canberra

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How to Find The Right Family Lawyer in Canberra

Family Lawyer Canberra

Why is it a difficult task to find out the right family lawyer? It is because with him you are going to discuss several very personal issues, e.g., your children, financial position, assets, and so on.

Hence, it is important that you feel comfortable working with him.

Is there any way to find the lawyer easily?

Here are some tips to do that.

You need a “Problem Solver”

Though it is a big expectation, most people search for a family lawyer with that. They feel that the lawyer understands the matter and gives various resolutions. An experienced lawyer can help the client understand the alternatives methods of putting the case and consider the most appropriate approach that is suitable and practical.

Hence, find a lawyer that is your problem solver.

Talk to him

You should talk to the lawyer you are thinking about working with. Once you start the conversation, you realize whether to approach him or not. If he looks suitable, then hire him. Most probably he will bring the best possible results.

Hiring a lawyer is not something where ‘one size fits all’. So, never consider recommendations blindly. Use your own rationale.

It is possible that the lawyer talks about a few hard facts of the case that you do not like. But an honest lawyer always does that. He gives you the other perspective.

Your first reaction may be to look for some other lawyer, but don’t do that. If all other parameters are fine, then hire the lawyer.

Search for a flexible lawyer

What does it mean? A lawyer that considers the case in a holistic manner is the best. He should not get rigid about the way the case is handled. At times, he should rethink the approach and redo the strategy.

You need a lawyer that works with you to minimize the impact of this legal dispute on your personal life and family.

Find a cost-effective lawyer

Yes, legal proceedings are always expensive. Hiring a cost-effective lawyer does not mean that you hire a lawyer that charges you a small fee.

A cost-effective lawyer takes a strategic and pragmatic approach at the same time. He speaks openly and frankly about the cost. Thus, you make an informed choice.


Finding a family lawyer is tough, but not impossible. You can do it by spending some time understanding your needs and researching the possible solutions.

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