How to Avoid Plumbing Problems When Buying a Home?

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How to Avoid Plumbing Problems When Buying a Home?

While buying a home, you pay a substantial amount. Experts say that after an extensive search and so many meetings finally you find the new house. Hence, it is quite obvious that you expect the best value for money. To ensure that, you bring an expert to inspect the home for any existing or impending issues.

When you see the house, catching up on the aesthetics is easy. But you may fail to take a more in-depth look at the hidden problems. For that, you need experts that can do a home inspection. But Who Do I Hire for a Home Inspection?

And you should hire a licensed plumber Adelaide to check the plumbing system from end to end. The home inspector knows everything about structural integrity, he may not have in-depth knowledge of plumbing systems to inspect them thoroughly.

An expert plumber will perform specialized plumbing checks, like video camera inspection, hydrostatic testing, etc. That will tell you about plumbing’s integrity. Bypassing it inspection may result in not knowing the troubles until you’re moved in.

What could be common Plumbing Issues to Look for?

Improperly working water heaters

The problem with the hot water system is a common issue. You do not know how old the water heater is? The average life of a water heater is seven to ten years. The system wears fast because it is used regularly. And it is an expensive system. So, it is a good thing to call the plumber to check hot water system Adelaide.

As said, the lifespan of a heating system is around seven to ten years. If you find after the inspection that it is older than that, then the best thing is to replace it. Several electric hot water systems Adelaide is available in the market with different capacities and functionalities.

You can buy one that suits your needs the best.

Slow Drainage

Do not forget to inspect each faucet and showerhead when you see the house. Let the water run for a few minutes. The speed at which the water flows is a good indicator of the health of the plumbing condition. A blocked drain plumber Adelaide should be called to resolve the issues if found.

Slow drains show that drain pipes and sewer lines are getting clogged with buildup. Or there could be some blockage somewhere within the plumbing. You may need pipe relining Adelaide if the issue is major.

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