How Often Should Brakes Be Serviced?

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How Often Should Brakes Be Serviced?

Driving safety is the top concern of every good driver. For that, they keep the car in good heal by doing periodic maintenance. When the car is sent for periodic maintenance to the car mechanic in Adelaide, each part of it is inspected for wear, including the brakes.

Experts say that brakes should be replaced when worn out. It is because they play the most significant role on the road.

It is possible to extend the life of brakes by servicing them regularly. But the question is, how often do brakes need servicing? And what does it mean by servicing?

Servicing brakes means servicing the brake components. It means, cleaning, lubricating, etc. Brakes are serviced to make sure they function well before you have to replace them.

Sending the car to an expert service station like Norwood auto service will give the best return on investment.

Factors that denote the frequency of brake servicing

Certainly, there are several aspects that determine brake servicing frequency.

If you live in an area where road salt is used during winter, you must service the brakes once a year. It is because brake pads get excessive corrosion from road salt. The brake pads seize up when they get corroded.

During inspection, if the car repairs Adelaide team finds that some parts of the brakes are showing signs of seizing or sticking, or the dirt and rust buildup is causing noise, then they will service the brakes.

The disc brake service includes removing the pads and calipers. The guide pins will be cleaned and lubricated. The brake discs will also be cleaned.

The rear drum brake service involves cleaning the parking brake parts and lubricating parts. The excessive rust buildup will also be removed.

Thus, your car is safe to drive.

If there is no significant improvement after that or the pads and rotors show wear, then the brake pads will be replaced.

Some car makers include brake service in the maintenance schedule. However, some do not. They specify that the brakes need to be inspected based on regular milage or time interval.

For example, they may say that after every six months or 7000 miles, whichever is earlier, you need to replace the brakes.

Benefits of servicing brakes

Servicing will ensure longer life of brake pads, rollers, calipers, drum brake components, and suspension Adelaide.

You will get better brake performance and there will be lesser brake noise.

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