How much does lowes charge to install exterior doors?

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Screen Doors Adelaide

Screen Doors Adelaide

It is a big decision to buy Screen Doors Adelaide in Lowes. Though you make arrangements for buying the door of your choice, you forget about the installation cost and labor charges. It happens at times; even experienced people make this mistake.

The cost of installation depends on many factors. Therefore, it is important that you spend some time studying the various aspects of it.  You must know how much does Lowes charges for door installation? It should be done with respect to all possible additional costs.

Charges for measurement

When you install Security Screen Doors Adelaide, you forget the cost of measurement sometimes. It is essential to get the dimensions accurately. It should be done by the representative of the company. There is a chance of committing a mistake if you do it on your own. The company does not take responsibility for the accurate installation in such a case.

Therefore, you need the help of a Lowes expert. There is a fee for that. You may have to pay 30 to 50 dollars for that.

Type of door

You should consider the type of door you want to order before deciding the cost of installation. Is it a slab door? Or is it a pre-hung door?

The mounting process is different in both these cases.

In a pre-hung door, all necessary elements are provided with the door. Obviously, its price is higher. You will get a pre-installed slab, frame, and hinges.

This door requires very little time to install. Thus, its cost is also less.

The slab door, on the other hand, is the door only. It is installed in the existing frame. When there is a difference in the size and configuration of the new door with the old one, you need to spend extra money on carpentry.

On average, to install slab Security Doors Adelaide, one needs 30 to 40 dollars with a hollow core. For solid core, the installation cost is 80 to 100 dollars. If one wants a pre-hung package, then the cost will be 70 to180 dollars.

Door material and style

The cost of installation depends on the type of door material as well. The cost for wooden doors will be 500 dollars per piece for solid wooden doors. Standard steel variants are available for 150 to 300 dollars.

Doors with French Designs will be installed for400 dollars. It varies from the quality of Security Screen Doors Adelaide.

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