How much do Solicitors Charge for Wills in Adelaide?

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Wills Lawyer Adelaide

Solicitors Charge for Wills in Adelaide

A will is an essential document that talks about the dispersal of assets of a person after his demise. If this document is not there, then you do not have any way of being known about the wishes of the person. Everyone feels that his assets should be passed to his loved ones without any confusion or partiality. Not just the property, but the will can provide for the guardianship of any minor children.

One of the important considerations while making a will is to hire an expert Wills Lawyer Adelaide. He acts as an executor. It means, he has the responsibility of ensuring that the wishes of the deceased person are carried out well.

The will draft procedure is kept as simple as possible.

The lawyer provides advice about making the will systematically. Preparation of the will document and preserving it securely are his prime responsibilities.

How much money do you need to hire a lawyer?

Well, it depends on several aspects. The cost predominantly depends on the Estate Lawyer Adelaide you are hiring. Is he one of the costliest lawyers? If yes, then you should be prepared for a big expense.

Here, we bring an average price based on the comparison of fees charged by various lawyers. These ballpark figures give a rough idea about it.

To make a single will, a lawyer charges 250 to 300 dollars. The will for a couple, where two separate documents are created, the charges are 450$.

If you wish to make a will, a power of attorney, and an Advanced Care Directive package document, then the charges are 450$ or more.

If there are two wills, two power of attorneys, and two Advanced Care Directive package documents, then the charges are 700$ or more. It is because there are six documents in this case.

A seasoned lawyer does not take much time in preparing the will. Usually, he prepares the document after having one meeting (either in person or teleconference) if the document is simple. One more meeting will  be required to sign the documents when they are explained to the client and approved by them.

For companies or trusts, or self-managed superannuation funds, etc., there will be additional charges. They are on a per hourly basis and the range is 250$ to 350$ per hour, depending on the complexity.

You have to talk to the lawyer and discuss the charges before assigning the work.

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