How Long Does a Roof Last? Age of Roof in Adelaide

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Roofing Adelaide is considered the most crucial part of a house. We can live in a cozy and comfy home because the roof becomes a barrier between us and adverse weather conditions. Hence, it becomes all the more important to take good care of it. Unfortunately, most of the people never give the roof a second thought until there is some major issue.

We don’t even know how long a roof lasts. Do you have any idea about it? Read the blog until the end. It touches on a few factors that determine the age of the roof.

When does a roof need replacement?

If you have followed quality parameters while constructing a house in Adelaide, then you can expect it to last for 15 to 20 years, at least. Roofs made from asphalt shingles last around 20 to 25 years or even more than that. If the shingles are falling before that, it means the roofing job wasn’t done properly. A well-laid (and adequately maintained) roof should last a couple of decades without a single issue.

Keeping the roof free from debris is important. Not only the accumulation of debris causes water clogging, but it attracts pesky rodents. Clay tile roof lasts more than five decades, whereas metallic roofs last even for a century. However, they are exceptions.

When to Replace the Roof

The estimated life of a roof discussed just now is possible in the ideal conditions only. Practically, you might need a roof restoration Adelaide, much earlier than the expected age. Exposure to extreme weather conditions and poor maintenance may cause damage to the roof much earlier than your expectations.

Warped, cracked, off-colored shingles indicate a problem. The same is with missing shingles. These are signs of the need for roof repairs in Adelaide today. There is another sign of it. Do you see a deposit of granules in the rain gutter? It means the roof is shedding granules that keep it protected from the sun. If you see the protective layer washing out, then there is a high probability that the shingles will go bad quickly.

A leaky roof and dingy appearance of the roof also indicate that the roof is not going to last long. Very soon, you will have to call some roof replacement experts to perform the replacement work. It is a costly affair, but you do not have any choice. Call a roofing Adelaide specialist and get it done.

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