How Do You Prepare The Ground For a Water Tank?

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When you build a water storage tank, it is important to build the base well. It is the first section that touches the ground. The size of the base is directly proportional to the actual size of the tank. If you fill the tank, then it becomes quite delicate. Due to the pressure exerted by the water, it can easily break.

Several factors play an important role in making the base:

  • Size
  • Stability
  • Type of the base
  • Nature of the ground

The steps of building Canberra water tanks are explained in this blog.

Factors to Consider While Preparing The Ground

As said earlier, a strong base is essential for the stability & durability of a water tank. How will you ensure that? By keeping these factors in mind.

Clear The Surface

When you prepare the ground, make sure that it is clear. There are no sharp edges or rough areas that could cause a problem. It is a common issue with the concrete base because there are rocks left scattered on the surface. When you place the tank and fill it with water, there could be a possibility of having cracks.

Never Use Two Different Grounds

Sometimes, there is half ground already prepared. If you think that it can be used as it is and prepare only half of the ground, then there is a possibility of developing cracks in the tank. It is because of the different nature of the two surfaces. They react differently to the weather and temperatures. The appropriate thing is to prepare a uniform ground for the tank. Follow the guidelines given by the water tank supplier Canberra.

Make Use of Mesh For Concrete Ground

If you reinforce the concrete base with mesh, then it gets extra strength.  Such ground can support the heaviest of loads. Not only that but reinforced concrete ground resists cracking also.

Pay Special Attention to Sand & Gravel Ground

While making grounds for water tanks Canberra, it is important to take extra care of sandy ground. It has to be supported well. Safeguard the ground from spreading away during rainy seasons. The best way is to create a concrete base first. In short, it is critical to make a good ground for a storage water tank. Even if it is an intimidating task, one has to do it well. Before installing a tank, read the instructions about making a ground for it.

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